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Welcome to Nancy Weinberger's Page

Nancy Weinberger

Nancy Weinberger

Walk4Friendship 2019!
Please help me raise money by sponsoring me for this Walk4Friendship. All money raised goes to support programs for Jewish children with disabilities to interact with their non disabled peers in Las Vegas. Together we can make a difference!
Thank you!! Best - Nancy


raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. MBMelanie Bash
I'm honored to support this program!
2. SESharon Wolfin Eden
Kol Hakavod, Nancy!
3. TFThe Dale Family
good luck mommy. We love you and support you 100%. Thank you for all you do for Lizzie!
4. ETEdward Twining
5. DRDesert Sunrise Roasters
Wonderful event!
6. BFBobbi Feinstein
A Wonderful Mitzvah!

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